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1. Scots Wha Hae
2. Wild Rover
3. Whisky in the Jar
4. Loch Lomond
5. I'll Tell My Ma
6. Spancil Hill
7. Piper o' Dundee
8. Irish Rover
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Rising o' the Moon
11. I Will Go
12. Black Velvet Band
13. Fields of Athenry
14. Molly Malone

Whisky in the Jar

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The story of an Irishman who is sorely tempted and one day robs the bold, greedy tax man... but as we all know, that will never end well! Especially if you live with an untrustworthy partner! Well this version does end well as he escapes from jail and lives to “court pretty fair maids ‘till the morning – so early”.


As this song has been around for years, probably starting at one source and taking various routes to get where it is now, there are several versions around - I settled on this one where the language is modern enough to understand and of course, as it has a good ending!


This traditional arrangement just chugs along happily through its many verses… my banjo keeps it nice and bright, I added a whistle solo and our 10 clappers’ hands were bright red by the end.


Instruments : 6 & 12-string guitars, bass, banjo, D-whistle, vocals, clapping



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Bill Mullen: The Beginning

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