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1. Scots Wha Hae
2. Wild Rover
3. Whisky in the Jar
4. Loch Lomond
5. I'll Tell Me Ma
6. Spancil Hill
7. Piper o' Dundee
8. Irish Rover
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Rising o' the Moon
11. I Will Go
12. Black Velvet Band
13. Fields of Athenry
14. Molly Malone

Black Velvet Band

SwanNeck BanjoBilly



A story of misfortune when an innocent young man visiting Belfast meets up with a lovely young woman, they take a walk together, she picks a gentleman’s pocket, slips his gold watch into our young man’s hand… he then gets arrested for theft, brought before a judge, found guilty and shipped off to Van Diemen’s land (Tasmania) for a 7-year hard labor sentence. A typical Friday night out in Belfast I’d say… (only joking !!!).

The song has quite few versions, the one I first learned was really old-fashioned with words which people don't use anymore, with the result that when I sung it, no-one understood it. This one is much better - if you can understand it - you can also sing along easier... it's good for that too!


I play this fairly traditionally, breaking it up between verse and chorus, lifting the choruses with bass and banjo. I play the solo on the banjo and keep that going until the end where all instruments are in.


Instruments: 12-string guitar, banjo, bass, vocals



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Bill Mullen: The Beginning

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