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1. Scots Wha Hae
2. Wild Rover
3. Whisky in the Jar
4. Loch Lomond
5. I'll Tell Me Ma
6. Spancil Hill
7. Piper o' Dundee
8. Irish Rover
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Rising o' the Moon
11. I Will Go
12. Black Velvet Band
13. Fields of Athenry
14. Molly Malone

I'll Tell Me Ma

Girlies PubClapping


An Irish street song. This was sung by little girls in the streets of Ireland, it was a skipping-rope (jump-rope) song - a cheery, cheeky wee song of the times “I’ll tell me ma’ when I get home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone, they pulled my hair and stole my comb… but that’s all right… ‘til I get home!”.


It skips along brightly with the banjo and bass pushing it along, it has a wee banjo solo and a couple of solo singing parts backed up by my 10 trusty “clappers”, it has a great momentum all of its own.


Instruments : 12-string guitars, bass, banjo, D-whistle, vocals, clapping



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Bill Mullen: The Beginning

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