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2014 : The Beginning


2016 : Mullen It Over

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The Albums

It all started with a party!!! Scottish Hogmany (New Year's eve) to be precise. In “The Beginning”, Bill's 1st solo album, he has gone back to his early exciting, emotional, happy days playing Scottish and Irish folk music in crowded fun-filled parties - that beginning where he was uplifted by the thrill of entertaining and setting the pace on these really enjoyable musical evenings. In "Mullen It Over, Bill's 1st album of original songs, Bill carries on that theme except, the songs are new and tell new stories. The Celtic connections in these albums are strong - drift away and imagine you are there, a part of the warm friendly crowd, stamping your feet, singing your heart out and joining in the laughter and joy of life itself.


Kevin Nettleingham recorded, mixed, mastered and sprinkled magic over both of these albums, Bill played all instruments and vocals - with some added sparkle on Mullen It Over


Mullen It Over (2016)

Bill has been "Mullen it Over" for a while and has now written his first album of original songs. These keep up the tradition of lively, catchy tunes with choruses and phrases that will haunt you. They are stories of family, friends, people, travel and adventures which just wanted to be written.

On these songs, Bill plays 12 & 6 string & 2 types of Baritone guitars, Banjo, Bass, Ukelele, Whistles and Kazoo (yes, Kazoo - blame Big Tam!) .

Kevin Nettleingham sings a falsetto harmony on "I HeardYyour Laugh" and "Write It Down" and plays a badass electric guitar solo on "Origins". Bill's fine fiddle playing friend Lisa Hancock Gomes recorded the fiddle track on "No Reels and jigs on Sundays" in Hawaii (thank you Lock Lynch) and the Clep bar, Dundee screamed loudly (led by Sonya) on "Big Tam" ! ... Apart from that - it was all Bill


The Beginning (2014) 

The songs are all traditional Scottish and Irish songs which were being sung during Bill's wonderful early days discovering music (apart from the Fields of Athenry – but it’s so lovely, Bill just couldn’t bear to leave it out). The songs all have a story to tell.

They are Lively, exciting and inspiring Irish and Scottish songs, classics which Bill brings to life all over again. From "all-in" guitar/ bass/ banjo/ bodhran/vocal exuberance to soulful melodies and harmony whistles, each song offers something special.








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