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1. Scots Wha Hae
2. Wild Rover
3. Whisky in the Jar
4. Loch Lomond
5. I'll Tell My Ma
6. Spancil Hill
7. Piper o' Dundee
8. Irish Rover
9. Wild Mountain Thyme
10. Rising o' the Moon
11. I Will Go
12. Black Velvet Band
13. Fields of Athenry
14. Molly Malone

Wild Rover



This hearty Irish traditional has been sung and sung and sung the world over, and for me it will never lose its appeal – I can still hear Jenny Gibson at one of her parties in Dundee yelling “No, Nae, Never…” as loud as she could at 5am on 1st January all those years ago daring her neighbor (who she (sarcastically) called “the Laird”) to complain... he never did - she was a wild woman - with a heart of gold.


For the song, I stuck to the traditional arrangement, played a whistle solo and gathered 10 close friends and family one Saturday morning to come along to the Nettleingham audio studio in Vancouver, Washington to clap (a new clapping arrangement I picked up in the US) and sing the chorus, it was a lot of fun.


Instruments: 6 & 12-string guitars, bass, banjo, D-whistle, vocals, clapping


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Bill Mullen: The Beginning

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