Update June 30th 2015

Heading North West to Caledon, Wisconsin

Playing at The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery, Racine, Wisconsin July 3rd 6:30pm








Quick Update

Last month I was headed to Canada to play in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We discovered that Nova Scotia and Ancient Scotia are very similar - the weather was awful... but the welcome was warm!

I was playing in both Finbar Irish pubs, they are run by Mike Casey, Mike saw me play in New Orleans and booked me when he heard from Michelle (Head of my booking department :) ) that I was coming to Halifax.

The two pubs are very similar - I played a matinee in one and an evening gig in the other on two Saturdays May 30th and June 6th

The first week, it was the 1st sunny day in Halifax for a looong time - we had singing inside and dancing outside. It was a fine afternoon - back home, a rest then out again to the 9pm gig in Bedford, Halifax.

Although a wee bit quieter than normal due to the great weather- we had a good happy crowd well into singing and clapping along. It was a fine night which flew by and my voice held up fine - a 5.5 hour singing day- the longest I've done.

The next week I did it all again, a wet Saturday with bigger crowds and return fans from the previous week - always great to see people coming back again for more Mullen!

After Halifax, we took time out in Quebec and Montreal to experience the joys of France in Canada... and right -- it was more French than France... amazing!

Out of Canada into New York State then into Ohio heading for Dorothy's cousin Alex's place in Lebanon Ohio. It was a great family reunion - lots of food, drink ... and a wee jam session with Alex

My Ohio gig was Friday 26th June in the Dublin pub, Dayton. It was a really big place with a few areas to eat and drink. I was shown the stage I was on - however a big screen showing the live USA vs China womens football was showing - there was no way I was going to get between them and their football, so we agreed I'd go on a wee bit late.

I started up after the football, a full house and away we went - everyone in good mood, the USA had won the game and it was a great time for belting out some Irish songs.

We had a great time, Alex came up and played with me and did a fine job of showing off his "inner Beatle" !

A group of men came in obviously on a night out, near the end of my 2nd set, one of them came over and told me one of their party, Bill, was getting married the next day - he slipped me some $$ and said "embarass him". Poor Bill had never done a highland fling before - but now he knows all the moves as he danced his way through 5 choruses of "Rothsey-o". Nice :)

You should watch the video I put together with clips taken from our travels - Check it out here !!!



The continuing saga of my posters, well I sent six of them to Finbars and there was no sign of them - but they had made their own from one they found on my website - and they posted them over both pubs - and not in the loos! (they call them washrooms in Canada !)

The Dublin pub had placed the posters I sent them at each entrance - hooray - maybe I've graduated from the smallest room at last!

We're currently outside Chcago heading for Wisconsin. I'm playing in The Ivanhoe pub in Racine this Friday(July 3rd) as an Independence day warm-up.

It's funny but the pictures I've seen of the Ivanhoe pub are pretty good - as opposed to the Ivanhoe pub in my hometown Dundee, Scotland - you had to be brave to go in there - boy was that rough. I'm looking forward to discovering what a civilised Ivanhoe pub is like.

VIDEO TIME - I made a new video with clips taken from our travels - Check it out here !!!

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What's new?

By popular request of the Burke family and their trusty caped crusader, I have a gig lined up in Murphy's pub, Seattle on July 31st. The Burkes all came down to see me in Phoenix at Tim Finnegans way back in September - they saw me on the way out and they'll be there again on my way back.


There is a new feature on my website - you can now see the previous newsletter updates going back to August 2014. Each new newsletter will be archived there


Anything else?


Summary...Halifax was more like Scotland than I imagined - Finbar pubs are great with great staff and happy music-lovers. I'm enjoying listening to other music as we journey round - there's good music everywhere. Ohio was a great family get-together and a gig that was well worth the playing - the Dublin pub, Dayton - Nice! Looking forward to the Ivanhoe in Racine, WI !!!




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