Update February 15th 2015

Hi Folks

It's a hard life palm Here in Key West

obriens My next gig is Saturday 28th February in O'Brien's Irish pub in Tampa Florida. I'll be playing there some time around 7pm. It sounds like a fine place and they have a 6-piece band on after me - that'll be a good night.

On Sunday 1st March, by popular demand !! I return to Nolans Irish pub , 204 West Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach, Florida. I played there on January 22nd and 25th. Nolan's is a great music venue - the last time I was there we celebrated Burns Night (see the wee story below)




Quick Update

Michelle had set up the gig in Nolan's for 22nd January then just as an extra comment, she mentioned a few weeks later to Mary Nolan "he's still there on Burns night - 25th January" So one thing led to another and the 1st Nolans Burns night was agreed.

Nolan's pub is family run, very Irish and has a name for bringing in good music. My gig on Thursday 22nd was great, normally a quiet night, it was busy and the crowd were in the mood to sing - it was great and everyone was looking forward to Sunday and the Burns night celebration.

Traditionally a Burns night is a dinner commemorating the birth of our famous poet Robert Burns where the Haggis (Scottish national dish) is escorted in by a bagpiper and an evening of food, poetry and music begins. Well try catching a haggis in Florida, there are alligators, snakes, beautiful fish, birds... but haggis live in the highlands and possibly haven't made it this far. So I got the next best thing - a chocolate cake.

I have never given "address to a chocolate cake" ... but it did look the part - and had a delicious wee sonsie face too !!

It was a great night - piper Erik Matson who I had met on Thursday agreed to pipe in the "haggis", People were mesmerised by the poetry, John Nolan, Dorothy, Erik and local Scots lass Gillian (from Bannockburn) all read Burns poetry and the whole pub joined in the singing. A great night all rounded off by "Auld Land Syne

February has been light on gigs - I was let down by an Irish pub in Key West where two gigs "evaporated" ... hence the nice relaxing view from a hammock - March will more than make up for that as I have a heavy St Patricks schedule in Meehans and 4 gigs being set for Savannah Georgia right after that.

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My blogs are lagging even further behind - no excuse - just having too much fun - the year plan is done (see below) and the blogs will be updated soon

What's new?

St Patrick's Day we are headed to Saint Augustine in Florida where I am playing in Meehans Irish pub on March 6, 7, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17th (St Patricks day). The pub is right on the beachfront and there is a Celtic festival in St Augustine the weekend of March 13/14- it should be a lot of fun!


After Saint Augustine we head North to Savannah Georgia where I will play 4 gigs in three of the Molly MacPhersons Scottish pubs - more details to follow!





Anything else?

Looking forward to a year of touring and playing, our current plan for the year looks like this :


I already have dates in a few of these places and am looking forward to catching up with friends and family as we travel around - if you have suggestions of good venues to play - just drop me an email .




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