Update October 21st 2014

Hi Folks

We arrived in Sedona, Arizona on Sunday 19th Oct - this is a beautiful area, we have explored a bit and ... of course visited Mooneys Irish Pub yesterday - it's a fine wee pub, the only one in the area - looking forward to a fun gig on Friday!

Friday 24th October in mooneys Mooneys Irish Pub, 671 Highway 179, Sedona, Arizona


Saturday1st Nov. highlThe Highlander Bar & grill, 5562 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, Texas

Wednesday 5th Nov. lionWhisky Tasting : The Lion Rose, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd. #318, San Antonio, TX

Thursday 6th November lionforum The Forum Lion & Rose Agora Pkwy #112,Live Oak, TX


Friday 7th November lionMusic : The Lion Rose, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd. #318, San Antonio, TX




The trip started on September 13th - we are more-or-less still on plan - apart from Austin (see below) here is the route on my music blog (which I keep going as we journey on)

I've just finished 4 gigs in Phoenix, Arizona - the pubs were first class examples of Irish pubs - and the gigs were all different - I had great support arriving in from Washington, Oregon, California and some locals who know me - read the full story in my blog here.

Michelle has done a great job lining up the gigs ahead of me, we have a week resting up here in Sedona, then we head shouth through Arizona and New Mexico the week after to arrive in San AntonioTexas for my next gig on 1st November.

After that we head to Louisiana where I have three gigs all set - if you ever wonder where we are and where we're going just look up my website... it's changing all the time

I also have a travel blog where you can see what we're up to - the latest updates are :

Latest : Bend

one before (still recent) : Off - but not far

Click here for the whole blog


What's new?

Austin Texas - keep Austin Weird, renowned for its music scene, great nightlife, art, culture, dining and fun ! It's a place I really wanted to play.

However, for a travelling musician, when a place is already saturated with musicians, it makes it the least responsive, least open, least welcoming place there is. I had given up trying to get booked, Michelle (who is way more persistant than me) has also given up - Austin will have to do without me - sorry to my Austin friends who wanted to see me there... I will be 70 miles south in San Antonio.

The response from places in San Antonio was great - they were very happy to have me. I will be playing in the Highlander - the 1st Scottish pub I have played in outside Scotland and two different locations of the British pub chain " the Lion and Rose". The owner of the chain was very enthusiastic and welcoming - I've also been booked to run a whisky tasting one night there!

Who needs Austin ?


at the Skeptical Chymist

Anything else?

A big thanks to Tina, Mary, Brian, Jenny, Rose, Shelley, Craig Dewey, Kim & John, Marsha, Kevin, Kelly, Karen, Kerry and Dale who all came to see me in Phoenix at Skeptical Chymist / Tim Finnegans / O'Connors - it was great to have you there in full support mode!

We're all booked for Christmas in Scotland and New Year in the Netherlands, we fly from Orlando, FL on Dec 15 and to NL on Dec 30... back to Orlando on Jan 7th - Michelle is working on the 2015 gig calendar - watch out America! - we'll be back !.



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