Update September 30th 2014

Hi Folks

We are on the road!!! My next gigs are :

Friday 3rd October skep15688 N Pima Rd Scotsdale, Arizona - 8pm - midnight

Saturday 4th October Tfinn 9201 N. 29th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona - 8pm - midnight

Wednesday 8th October fibber 1989 West Elliot Road, Chandler, Arizona - 8pm - midnight

I have heard good things about all of these places - so come along if you are in the area - or pass on the word to friends who are in the neighborhood.


The trip started on September 13th - here is the route plan on my blog (which I will keep going as we journey on)

I (we) had a great send-off from the Mahers Family and the great Mahers Nation - a big thanks to all my friends and musical followerswho showed up to wish us well on our way. I wrote up a wee blog post (including video) of the experience - you can find it (and all my other blog posts here)

After Mahers on Sept 12, we headed up to the Columbia Riverview RV park, then back down to Jansen Beach RV park to drop off / pick up last minute stuff from our storage... then we were off - South, 1st stop Bend Oregon

On Friday 19th I played at a Pirate Party with the great Celtic Rock Band 5 Pint Mary - great fun - check out the blog post here

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What's new?

It seems strange to be travelling - we have jumped in at the deep end (again) we have sold our house, let go our rental , put the bulk of our "stuff" in storage and what we have with us is it - our house goes with us.

We have travelled from home to Bend, Oregon, Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah and we are now about to leave our lovely spot near Zion Canyon , Utah after 5 days of spectacular scenery (and an immense thunder and lightening storm immediately above our RV!) and we're heading to Phoenix via Flagstaff as a small stop on the way



Me & Steve Behrens 67 Music - thanks Steve

Anything else?

I mentioned Michelle Rupp has become my tour manager and is chasing down gigs for me on the road - she has landed two gigs in New Orleans at the Irish House - she made such an impression that the owner of the pub and several restaurants got in touch with me, commiserated about the Scottish NO vote then invited me to their Whisky Tasting the Monday after I play there (followed by an Irish music session).




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