Update September 12th 2014

Hi Folks

I can't believe its time for my last Mahers gig of the year - this Friday 12th Sept in Mahers Irish pub, Lake Oswego from 7 to 10pm. After that I am heading off out of the area - starting our 10 month road trip exploring the USA and playing music.


The trip starts on September 13th - here is the route plan on my blog (which I will keep going as we journey on)

As most of you know, this is more than a trip - it is a total life change for the Mullens! We moved out of our house this week and are now officially on the road. We drove from where our 5th wheel was stored to our 1st RV park by the Tualatin river - nice and close to Friday's gig in Mahers.

The week was more than hectic, getting moved out of Vancouver and into storage or the RV was pretty hard - especially as the folks who maintain the road outside our house decided to close it and resurface it on our moving day - and didn't tell us until the last minute... what fun! We hitched the truck to the 5th wheel as the sun had set and drove off on our new adventure - it was a long, stressful but exciting Tuesday

Last week I recorded a radio show with Ann and Beth from the KMUZ Celtic hour - I am hoping to link in a podcast of the show soon

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What's new?

It was a busy weekend, Mahers on Friday was really busy and folks were out for a good time. Lesley Stewart's dad was visiting from Dundee in Scotland and we had the pleasure of seranading him with Lesley singing Caledonia

Saturday was a blast - I was the "surprise bagpiper" at Megan Dewey and Sean Richter's wedding at Riverside golf club - a lot of subterfuge to keep the secret from Craig - father of the bride and some tension as I awaited my cue. Right at "you may now kiss the bride" I struck up Scotland the brave and marched out from behind my tree to meet them at the aisle and lead the party to the reception - where I also played an hour on my guitars... it was a great success and a great day - congratulations to Sean and Megan


Anything else?

Next week I will be writing this from Bend Oregon and will be playing a spot on Friday 17th Sept at a Pirate's Party with 5-Pint Mary -what is it with Oregon and pirates :) that'll be a lot of fun... Savvy!

I now have a tour manager! Michelle Rupp - originally from the Orkney Islands of Scotland - and a good friend who now lives in Beaverton, Oregon. Michelle has my tour plan in hand and will be arranging bookings for me as I travel through the states. Michelle is a keen music lover, proud Scot, a good supporter of me and my music...and (very important when chasing bookings) - persistant (she was a debt collector in a previous life)!

I started capturing video clips for my blog post (which is not ready yet) it'll be a good one - promise - when I eventually get it put together.

I'll leave you with a sample of life on the road - this is where I wrote this newsletter this morning - in the lobby of the paramount hotel after playing some tunes Wednesday evening for Chris Hatzi's birthday.




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