Update September 5th 2014

Hi Folks

Two more gigs then we're off touring around the USA - so don't miss my last two shows - this Friday 5th September and next week the 12th Sept in Mahers Irish pub, Lake Oswego from 7 to 10pm.


Yes - we're heading off after my last Mahers gig on 12th September - that seemed so far away when I was planning all this and now it's almost here - so are we ready?.... hahaha... no !

But we still have a week to finish packing up our house, stuff our life into a storage unit or our 5th wheel if its coming along. It will all get done... and we'll be off, returning to Washington / Oregon next July / August (note the precision planning!)

In between that, I have a radio interview this Thursday in Salem at KMUZ with Ann and Beth from the Friday Celtic hour - the show will air on Friday 5th Sept at 7pm - right when I take the stage at Mahers.

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What's new?

Last Friday was pretty good, we had a rowdy crowd in Mahers (you know who you are :) ) and a fine summer night on Mahers patio - it is really lovely there - and a great gig.

Part of getting ready to travel is also figuring out how to stay in touch - so I have a new video camera and wi-fi hotspotwhich allows me to connect all my computer stuff to the internet as long as there is a phone signal - all I need to do now is get good at video blogging! That should be a laugh.

I am looking forward to these last two Fridays in Mahers, I have a lot of people telling me they will be coming along - I hope we have a great couple of gigs - it will be great to see everyone before I go for a year.


Anything else?

I mentioned last week that I was having trouble finding a gig in Bend , Oregon for the weekend of 19/20th Sept - which seemed strange to me as they have so many great pubs there. Well I was delighted to get an email from Sarah from Five Pint Mary- an Irish rock band from Bend inviting me to play a few songs at a couple of their events - that sounds like fun - so I'll at least make an appearance in Bend if not a full gig. Thanks to Steve & skOt of 67 musc for putting us together.

A thank you to Strings and Beyond some of you may have been there one Friday where I popped one string after another - I broke 4 strings in total - they were all new strings. I sent an email to strings and beyond where I get all my strings - replacements arrived today. Nice !!!... well not nice that they broke - but nice service - and I can make the sets I opened to get replacements whole again.

I am working on my next Blog post for next weeks newsletter - it'll be the last one from our land base here ... woo-hoo - that's scary ... but no worries - it'll be an adventure for sure!



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