Update August 13th 2014

Hi Folks

As Friday rolls into sight again - get ready to start it off right, I will be playing in Mahers Irish pub, Lake Oswego - - this Friday 15th August from 7 to 10pm.


These Summer evenings on the patio are just magical - come along and enjoy the great atmosphere of Mahers when the end of the week meets cold drinks, great food and fun music. Its hard to beat!

What's new?

Because I'm playing every Friday until 12th September and because I'd just played 6 gigs in 7 days, last Friday I thought I would mix it up a bit, so I showed up at Mahers with a freshened up set list, some new / revitalized songs and was all set to play my "refreshed" set… but Mahers beat me to it! The crowd was all different, I hardly recognized anyone - even Seamus thought he'd gone to the wrong pub! As I started into the set, I realized that the ones which were getting the best response were the old faithfuls and the only one who had heard them a hundred times was me (as Dorothy had escaped to Safeways :) ) … and I still like them no matter how often I play them - so I played more "old faithfuls". You know, it's not just the song which resonates, it's how it makes me feel on that particular evening, how I can see people walking by or in Safeways carpark paying attention, how it makes an impression on the various people around the crowd, how many people you see it touches… and how many people don't care… it is different every time.


Anything else?

We are enjoying the beautiful Oregon Summer, living on the columbia river is just fascinating - there is always something going on. I am also enjoying a rest after last weeks "gig every night" between Kells and Mahers - my voice and fingertips appreciate the break.

Steve and Skot from 67 music were featured on Celtic hour last Friday - and they also played my version of "Scots Wha Hae" … nice. It looks like I will be appearing on the radio show for a "live" performance on the 5th September if we can make that work. As I play every Friday and the show is live every Friday, it is impossible for me to do a full live appearance - but we're working on recording it in the days before the show (calendars permitting).

As I mentioned last week, plans for the rest of this year are shaping up, it takes a lot of my time getting organized - and I will be ready to share the plans with you next week!

In the meantime, if you are traveling - be safe, if you are flying and pass a duty free shop - you should buy an Auchentoshan "Heartwood" … it's delicious and only available at airport duty free shops!… and be safe!



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