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  • Right now (May '16) - I am travelling back to the Pacific Northwest via Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho then Oregon - the USA is huge and worth exploring!
  • In June ('16) I will be in the Studio finishing and recording my next Album "Stories and Dreams" It is an album of original songs ... an exciting project!


  • I start gigging again with a weekend at The Galway Bay Irish Pub Ocean Shores, July 1, 2 & 3 2016 - I start at 8pm all three nights


  • Here are my next performances - hope to see you at one of them


  • Now - a look back at previous Gigs :
  • Las Vegas May 14 '16 - Mark & Heidi Maher's Wedding - after Elvis did his job it was over to me - great, totally different wedding! The Mahers know how to party!


  • The Clep Bar Dundee, Scotland, (April 23 '16) a cracker of a night - the Clep is usually pretty good - this one got better and better as the night went on



  • My last weekend (April 8 & 9 '16) in Cocoa Beach, Florida was very nice, we'd a great crowd in Nolans all in a great mood singing and clapping a nice end to the first half of this years USA trip, now for a few weeks in Scotland before heading North and West again.


  • St Patricks long weekend was great at Nolans in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there was a good selection of music, dancers, pipers, food and drink! Theres a short summary below - have a click and get a feeling for the celebration.


  • New Orleans (Feb 26 & 27 '16) was brilliant - it was great to meet up with Chef Matt Murphy again. I was the headline act in in his New Orleans Celtic festival at the Irish House in St Charles Avenue. On the Friday I played a concert to an appreciative dinner crowd in the banquet room and on the Saturday I was in the downstairs restaurant with a happy crowd of singing, clapping revellers - we had a ball.
  • Read my interview with Sharon Armstrong of WWOZ for the New Orleans Celtic festival


  • The Highlander in San Antonio (Feb 19 & 20 '16). Great to be back there again and played two good nights. It's a lively place with a friendly bunch of people. I met the family of the owner who all came to hear me on the Saturday... and buy more CDs as they'd gifted the ones they bought last time. Nice. We also had a visit from the Jameson man... he was bearing delicious gifts !!
  • Hololulu, Hawaii (Jan 25 to Feb 8 '16) wow - that was a blast! The place is so beautiful. It was our 1st time on Oahu. I played in Kelley O'Neil's and O'Toole's twice each. The Celtic music crowd there were really good - great support, showing up for gigs, clapping, singing and dancing. I also ran a Whisky tasting - we had about 30 people there - all dedicated whisky drinkers! It went great - the after drink with Bill Comerford was great too
  • Our time in San Diego (Jan '16) was fantastic - I loved my gigs in the Field, they were all good - the last one especially, what a great cowd... for a Wednesday! I met great new friends and I've been writing an album of my original songs that I plan to record in the Summer - It's coming on great - I'm enjoying putting this together.
  • My farewell to Europe gig was in the Café Back in Town in Ugchelen, the Netherlands on December 4th. The place was buzzing - I got to sing my only two Dutch songs, play my Dutch guitar and use my old Bose pro PA system - a great night. Lots of happy faces, old friends, family and new faces - some who stayed the whole night after hearing my sound check 3 hours earlier... Nice!
  • The Dundee Clep (Nov 20 '15)was a fine gig with my pal, Pat Ferrie. It was great to see the crowd again and hear some new & old talent perform during our breaks.
  • I had a wee break (Nov '15) in Dundee, Scotland and am now recovering from a very heavy bout of Birthday Party - I also played two one hour shows at local nursing homes, always a very nice experience playing there

  • I Played 3 days (Oct 21 to 23 '15) at the Galway Bay Irish Festival at the end of October it it is an incredible indoor festival which sold out quickly - there were 30+ bands playing on 10 stages - it was a real blast! I picked up more dates, new fans, sold CDs and am booked again for next year's festival in 2016... pretty good... I even played well - there's a bonus :)
  • My Portland. Oregon gigs (Aug to Oct '15) are all done for 2015 - it's been great being back in the area and seeing all the familiar, happy faces again. It was a great welcome back and a fantastic goodbye on Friday at my last 2015 gig in Mahers Lake Oswego. I played a ton of dates in Kells Irish pub, downtown Portland - thanks to all who came along and the staff who took great care of Dorothy and I all those nights.
  • The Bethany pub in Portland was a brilliant gig - way beyond expectations - the place was really busy and full of folks all in the mood for a lively music session... I don't think I played a ballad all night!
  • Yaaaar - it was a wild weekend in Bend at the Central Oregon Pirates party - these are serious pirates who do serious pirate stuff - as well as playing my own spot, I sat in with 5 pint Mary ( a great Celtic folk / rock / pirate band !) playing Bodrahn - I loved it!
  • I played Sunday September 20th to Thursday 24th in Kells, Portland - every night different - and never a dull moment!
  • Friday & Saturday 11th & 12th September I played the Galway Bay Irish Restaurant & pub what a great place to go - visit the Pacific Ocean, walk along the beach, see the kites, ride a horse, drive on the beach - and get some great music!
  • Open air concert - Monday Sept 7th - a nice intimate open air concert at Columbia River RV park, very nice time, very interactive and fun
  • Library opening - Sunday Sept 6th - played an enthusiastic night of music at Michelle Rupp's (my tour manager) Library opening - great food, great drink, great company
  • Feckin Brewery Saturday Sept 5th - a nice laid-back evening of music and Feckin beer - enjoyed my 1st time there.
  • Mahers on Friday 4th September - tried to play outside but rain came on just before my 1st song - we moved inside the pub - and it was full! I was set up quickly inside and played untill 11pm - everyone in a great mood and joining in!
  • Mahers on Friday August 28th - a good crowd - weather deteriorated and by 9:30pm I'd moved inside the pub and kept playing to near 11pm - great fun
  • Mahers on Friday August 21st - great night, great crowd - and a skywriting plane writing "More" in the sky - so I jus t kept playing !
  • Finished a great Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (16, 17 & 18th Aug '15) at Kells Irish Pub, Portland - you never know what the crowd will be - these days were teeming with fish people (or fish heads as they called themselves) - the national fish conference is here in Portland! My supply of fish-related songs is exhausted  :)
  • We returned to the Pacific Northwest! August as planned - after a great 10 month tour of USA & Canada it's nice to be back on familiar territory too!
  • Great Feature - news - You can see my newsletter updates here (also in the sidebar)

  • Quote from Chef Matt Murphy, owner of the Irish House, New Orleans (Nov 2014) "Bill played here this weekend and took the roof off the pub"
  • Video from 67 Music - Mahers Sept 12th - Thanks Steve Behrens! 6712sep
  • Video - watch my last performance of 2014 at Mahers Lake Oswego on Sept 12 12sept
  • Video - I appeared at the Pirates Party in Bend Oregon, Sept 17th pirate
  • I have a Tour Manager, she is Michelle Rupp - please contact her to book me as I travel around the USA - Michelle
  • My music keeps getting played on Maui Celtic Radio - who would have imagined that!
  • Check out the Interview and Video from Steve Behrens of 67 Music, see



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