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  • Next 2017 Performances :
  • We have arrived in Oregon, still traveling North to Portland. Just back for a short visit. I will be playing :




  • Here are my next Performances :


  • Now - a look back at previous Gigs :
  • Hawaii... for St Patrick's season (March 12 to 20) - it was pretty good. So many fine people came along for my shows and St Patrick's day was unbelieveable, O'Toole's is part of the block party at Downtown Honolulu. People were standing elbow to elbow, singing, dancing in huge numbers. You need to experience that! Here is a wee video taken through the day. On my last gig I was joined on stage by Lisa Hancock Gomes on fiddle and Patrick McGivern on harmonica - it was a blast!! Till next time!


  • The Common Ground Meeting Hall, North Port, Florida - Thursday February 16th 2017. It was in a small intimate 60 seater hall with a stage and great sound system linked through to a control room at the back where it was connected to the live radio broadcast station of KDW Radio. RJ Malloy is the station master and the host for the evening was Bud Buckley. I had a small but enthusiastic crowd in the hall and 836 people listening to the on-line stream - that was very cool. I really enjoyed it and the two hours went by in a flash. They want me back - so next time I will work in a facebook message stream to hear from the folks listening at home... that will be early 2018... watch this space! Here's a pic of me and R.J. Malloy


  • Friday and Saturday February 3rd & 4th were my last nights at Nolans Irish Pub, Cocoa Beach Florida until the end of this year. It was a great weekend of playing and enjoying great crowd participation.
  • Burns Night at Nolans, Cocoa Beach, Florida. A real Scottish night of poetry and song to celebrate the birth of Robert Burns, our national poet. We had the immortal memory from Joe McColligan, Scottish fun from Jay McClure, to the Laddies and response from the Lassies by Fran and Debbie Reid, Burns readings from Gillian Fannin and Dorothy Mullen. We also added a bit of Irish flair from Siobhan Denecour and Dr Dennis Sommers from Trinity College, Dublin. The haggis was piped in by Ceallagh Dobson and yours truly addressed the haggis and played all the music - it was a full house with great participation from all - what a Wednesday !


  • Four Green Fields, Tampa, Florida Friday & Saturday January 20th & 21st. My 1st appearance in the Four Green Fields - and it was as good as its reputation. I was accepted into the fold of "the corner gang" and made to feel very welcome. The Friday was more riotous than the Saturday - but both days people were listening and appreciative of the music I played - nice, hoping to be back at the end of the year.
  • Nolans Irish pub 13th, 14th & 19th January. After the cold (including cold germs) of Scotland and the Netherlands it was lovely to be back in the Florida warmth. Made all the better for the warm welcome I received on my return to Nolan's Irish pub in Cocoa Beach. The people are great, the staff are great, the guinness is great and I enjoyed all three evenings there.
  • Café Back in Town, Ugchelen, Netherlands Friday January 6th was great - we had a really good turnout of people despite the bad weather and storm warnings . I did the NL launch of my new album "Mullen it Over" playing songs from the album and some old favourites. This short taste of the album turned into a 3 1/2 hour party. I really enjoyed seeing the Dutch crew again... and singing my two Dutch songs.
  • Freddys bar, Ugchelen, Netherlands Dec 31st - old year / new year party - the best party in town. Started at 11:30pm, champagne with the ringing in of the New Year, Fireworks for an hour then sing the morning away. Country singer Antoinette Hommerson and new Talent Maggie Doedens played sets and shared a nice show - great start to the new year
  • Broughty Ferry, Scotland Orchar December 27th - a lovely afternoon with the Winter sun blazing through the windows into the common room where I entertained the elderly residents with some old Scottish songs, it was a great success brightening the lives of people through music they love. It makes it all worth while.
  • Wellburn, Lochee, Scotland December 23rd a wee concert in the nursing home where my mum ended her days. Nice to see the happy faces beaming when they sing along to their old favourites. My pal Bill O'Rourke who plays there regularly has been playing one of my songs for them, it was a real delight to see that they knew the chorus and were singing along - brilliant.
  • Scotland, Dundee - the Clep Bar December 16th, it was a pleasure to be back in the Clep and see many people who have become friends over the years I've played there. I enjoyed playing with my pal Pat Ferrie and having a great laugh with Big Tam and the crew.
  • Galway Bay Celtic Festival Oct 18 to 22nd was fantastic, 30+ bands/ musical acts on 10 stages Friday Oct 18th to 23rd - fantastic time. It was a great event. I played nine one hour sets over four days. Many of the same people came to each show - which made my decision not to repeat songs this year a good one. I managed to play 7 hours of material without repeating songs... a change from my first solo appearance years ago where I only knew the words to eight songs. My new original songs went down really well
  • October 14 - wow ! - this was my farewell to Oregon for this year. It was standing room only at Mahers Irish pub in Lake Oswego. It was a fantastic evening - so many people came out for the show on a truly horrible rainy Oregon evening - we had a fabulous time!


  • I played a night at the Feckin Brewery, Oregon City October 8th. This was my 2nd last Portland, OR performance - we had a nice turnout of Bill Mullen followers - it was great, lots of Feckin beer (sung and drank) and a great night.
  • Suffering a bit from the first cold I've had in three years, but as soon as I was on stage it all came together well. Very receptive audience at the Galway Bay and great CD sales - both evenings were good going crowds, staff as usual were first class - and it was sunny on Sunday morning to blow the cobwebs away - what more could you ask? A great weekend - looking forward to the festival there this year.
  • Sunday September 18th - wow what a day. I had been preparing and planning the "Mullen It Over" album release for ages - and the time had come. We had over 70 people at the Feckin Brewery in Oregon City. I told stories about the songs and played them all throughout the day. It was very well received and I was so happy and relieved to have sucessfully launched it. Watch the video here !


  • Saturday July 23rd - The Bethany pub was jumping- again ! We packed out the back room where I was playing and had a ball. I was amazed when one man requested the song "One Feckin Beer" It's on my new album - and I've only played it 4 times live - the 2nd time was last year in the Bethany pub - and he remembered it! How good is that?! It was also Dorothy's birthday - she had a great time (unexpected as she thought she would be the sober one for driving... Billy was a good boy, only had one Feckin beer and drove home!)
  • Saturday July 16th - Portland Highland Games, was a great day, cooler (temperature) than normal but always a great event. My 9am spot was too early to be busy - but still had enough people to get me set up for the day. My next session was at 11am on the North field, it had filled up well and the crowd got quickly in the mood. The 2pm slot was a lot of fun, lots of people, lots of joining in and great CD sales ! I was the wandering troubador in the VIP tent, British Tea tent and around the running track - it was fun to do and brightened up a lot of people.
  • Kells - my 1st Friday night there, 9pm to 1 am Friday July 15th, The pub was crazy busy at times and good busy at others - I had the crowd going on the 1st song and kept up the pace for most of the evening - a great night.. hard work and not much sleep before the Portland Highland Games... pretty hard core for an auld mannie.
  • Sunday July 10th ('16) at was my first appearance in O'Neils, Portland, OR (formerly Biddy McGraws). It was a sort of pub concert where I played some old favourites, some good but lesser known songs I do, took requests and played five new (original) songs from my album which I'm still finishing. There was a nice turnout and we had a lot of fun. The new songs went down really, really well - great! Thanks to all who came along - it was great to see you there.
  • Return to Mahers Irish pub, Lake Oswego was Friday July 8th ('16) the weather forced this to be an inside gig - it was packed, hot and rowdy - a great night. Brilliant to see the crew again.
  • Back in the Pacific Northwest, my first gigs were up in the Galway Bay Irish pub at Ocean Shores, July 1, 2 & 3 ('16) . What a great place that is, fine food, lovely stage and great people. I enjoyed being back there there, there's a small video


  • Las Vegas May 14 '16 - Mark & Heidi Maher's Wedding - after Elvis did his job it was over to me - great, totally different wedding! The Mahers know how to party!


  • The Clep Bar Dundee, Scotland, (April 23 '16) a cracker of a night - the Clep is usually pretty good - this one got better and better as the night went on



  • My last weekend (April 8 & 9 '16) in Cocoa Beach, Florida was very nice, we'd a great crowd in Nolans all in a great mood singing and clapping a nice end to the first half of this years USA trip, now for a few weeks in Scotland before heading North and West again.


  • St Patricks long weekend was great at Nolans in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there was a good selection of music, dancers, pipers, food and drink! Theres a short summary below - have a click and get a feeling for the celebration.


  • New Orleans (Feb 26 & 27 '16) was brilliant - it was great to meet up with Chef Matt Murphy again. I was the headline act in in his New Orleans Celtic festival at the Irish House in St Charles Avenue. On the Friday I played a concert to an appreciative dinner crowd in the banquet room and on the Saturday I was in the downstairs restaurant with a happy crowd of singing, clapping revellers - we had a ball.
  • Read my interview with Sharon Armstrong of WWOZ for the New Orleans Celtic festival


  • The Highlander in San Antonio (Feb 19 & 20 '16). Great to be back there again and played two good nights. It's a lively place with a friendly bunch of people. I met the family of the owner who all came to hear me on the Saturday... and buy more CDs as they'd gifted the ones they bought last time. Nice. We also had a visit from the Jameson man... he was bearing delicious gifts !!
  • Hololulu, Hawaii (Jan 25 to Feb 8 '16) wow - that was a blast! The place is so beautiful. It was our 1st time on Oahu. I played in Kelley O'Neil's and O'Toole's twice each. The Celtic music crowd there were really good - great support, showing up for gigs, clapping, singing and dancing. I also ran a Whisky tasting - we had about 30 people there - all dedicated whisky drinkers! It went great - the after drink with Bill Comerford was great too
  • Our time in San Diego (Jan '16) was fantastic - I loved my gigs in the Field, they were all good - the last one especially, what a great cowd... for a Wednesday! I met great new friends and I've been writing an album of my original songs that I plan to record in the Summer - It's coming on great - I'm enjoying putting this together.
  • My farewell to Europe gig was in the Café Back in Town in Ugchelen, the Netherlands on December 4th. The place was buzzing - I got to sing my only two Dutch songs, play my Dutch guitar and use my old Bose pro PA system - a great night. Lots of happy faces, old friends, family and new faces - some who stayed the whole night after hearing my sound check 3 hours earlier... Nice!
  • The Dundee Clep (Nov 20 '15)was a fine gig with my pal, Pat Ferrie. It was great to see the crowd again and hear some new & old talent perform during our breaks.
  • I had a wee break (Nov '15) in Dundee, Scotland and am now recovering from a very heavy bout of Birthday Party - I also played two one hour shows at local nursing homes, always a very nice experience playing there

  • I Played 3 days (Oct 21 to 23 '15) at the Galway Bay Irish Festival at the end of October it it is an incredible indoor festival which sold out quickly - there were 30+ bands playing on 10 stages - it was a real blast! I picked up more dates, new fans, sold CDs and am booked again for next year's festival in 2016... pretty good... I even played well - there's a bonus :)


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  • Quote from Chef Matt Murphy, owner of the Irish House, New Orleans (Nov 2014) "Bill played here this weekend and took the roof off the pub"
  • Video from 67 Music - Mahers Sept 12th - Thanks Steve Behrens! 6712sep
  • Video - watch my last performance of 2014 at Mahers Lake Oswego on Sept 12 12sept
  • Video - I appeared at the Pirates Party in Bend Oregon, Sept 17th pirate
  • I have a Tour Manager, she is Michelle Rupp - please contact her to book me as I travel around the USA - Michelle
  • My music keeps getting played on Maui Celtic Radio - who would have imagined that!
  • Check out the Interview and Video from Steve Behrens of 67 Music, see


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